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One of the Most Important Things Seniors Should Know


As people age, their life and body change, and so do what you need to stay healthy and in shape. Changes in your health, home life, medicines, sense of smell, income, and taste may affect your interest in eating healthy and being physically active.

Keys to good health at any age are a healthy diet and regular physical activity. They lower your risk for type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and certain cancers. They can even protect your mental health and maintain orthopedic health that is related to bones and muscles.

Healthy Weight

Why is keeping a healthy weight important?

When people get older, the changes in their body’s makeup become evident. Losing muscle mass increases frailty, and if you are not physically active you burn fewer calories. To prevent gaining of weight, you may need to eat fewer calories than you did when you had 10-20 or 30 years less, and that is all completely normal. This means you need to eat foods that are nutrient high because your body needs this to give you the energy for normal functioning. What is healthy varies from person to person, and you should ask your health care provider what a healthy weight is for you.

Among older citizens, having less body mass than normal is of concern and may be related to some illness or disease, because of the deteriorating condition your body is in.

Also, being overweight or obese is a concern as this is a clear reminder that your body is at high risk of issues with your health that you don’t even know about. Eating smart and being active to preserve muscle and bone can help you maintain strength and a healthy weight as you age.

*note: physical activity means something different to every individual in the world, and before doing it, every person, especially people above the age of 50 need to get advice from their doctor on what amount of strain they can put on their body at any given moment*

Source: heart.org – Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes article


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