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Few Ways To Stay Fit and Active in Your Golden Years


Every person that is doing a good job managing their health will tell you to invest in it as much as you can. Some simple ways of doing that are:

A nice start to your day:

Start your day at 5-6 am with some water and a little lime to spice things up. You can switch between a 40-minute walk and meditation so you don’t go into a boring routine.

Every day is breakfast day:

Your breakfast needs to have all the nutrients, that your aging body needs to be fit and ready to keep on with everyday tasks and difficulties. Some good recommendations are:

Quinoa and Chia Porridge, Avocado toast with egg, a wide array of yogurt smoothies and so on.

Have a meal that covers all food groups:

Always make sure you cover every food that gives you the maximum out off healthy protein, carbs, fiber, and water. Always switch up your lunch and dinner with the many food choices, not only will you not go into your boring daily routine, as that deteriorates your health, it will also keep your mind and body moving in a healthy direction.

Changes to your body are inevitable but not the end of the world:

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows unless you make it one, but life after 50 can be really rewarding if you take everything it offers. The best way to tackle changes to your body is to eat right and keep active at all times. Simple exercises like going for a walk, or walking down the stairs up and down, are really easy and simple ways to do that, and they go a long way.

Preventive care is a must:

The most important thing of all is, doing regular checkups to see if everything that you are doing in your spare time is the right thing to do. Checking heart problems and cholesterol levels, dentist visits, eye checkups are things that are a must in every mans life, so doing them annually is not a problem whatsoever.

NOTE: Exercise and daily slow routines are not the same. Taking a slow walk or walking down the stairs is a healthy way of keeping elderly people in shape, under no circumstances should a person that is above 50 exert their bodies.

***Consulting your doctor is highly advised before taking any of these suggestions***

Source: Aging.com – Developing Simple Yet Healthy Habits


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