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2 Keys for Easy Lives of Seniors & Their Loved Ones


In the life of every person there comes a time when the person that cared for you, your whole life, can’t do that anymore due to their old age and deteriorating health. So here are some takes on that matter, that will make both your and the life of your elders much easier.

  1. Programmable medication management systems:

These management system items provide you with everything you need to effectively manage your health, coming with a programmable pill organizer for medication management. It is a pill dispenser that beeps and opens up, releasing the pills of the day, and then closing.

There are simple and inexpensive versions with an alarm to more comprehensive systems which not only provide dosage reminders but also include prescription directions and an optional monitoring service that alerts caregivers if a dose is missed.

  1. Emergency alert devices with GPS

Emergency response and alert systems have really progressed in the past few years, and every new year these devices get smaller and easier to carry, and as GPS and Bluetooth technologies get used more often, they are being harnessed in the service of the senior’s well-being. Some of these products have GPS tracking, which doesn’t require a landline phone connection. The system relies on cellular coverage and puts a daily emergency response center in the loving hands of the person that means the world to you. There is a wide range of in-home systems for those not interested in paying monthly charges, but also for the people that want some extra help in caring for their loved ones, there are professionally made emergency alert systems just for them.

Source: Aging.com – Invest in A Few Health Monitoring Devices


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